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That whisper in your ears is the voice of your customer

Most Product Owners are really proud of their ideas. They pursue their self-defined product objectives with passion and dedication down to the tiniest detail. A lot of effort goes into managing development and roadmap. We are bombarded by project management concepts, efficiency measures and team communication tools. Yet many products never sell. Successful companies know …

What is a product strategy? Differentiation opens up an ocean of opportunities

“I will have the beef and vegetable please?and a glass of chardonnay” …where did I put my bag? oh yes here it is… “You need to excuse me, I need the bathroom” …syringe, cap, insulin vial… this stupid sect, the rubber is not tight! Need to open a new one… Oooh this bathroom is filthy! …

How to deal with difficult team members: a 5-steps process for team success

We have all been there. With multidisciplinary teams, often big, very few (or none) direct reporting lines, delivering efficiency in product management is difficult. A particular challenge are difficult team members. It is not unusual, you have someone who is clearly very talented in an aspect of the job, but very difficult to deal with, …

About Me

I am fundamentally curious. And I like people.

And I love to start with why, but obsess about the how.

I have been working in the chemical and life science industries most of my career and?I have been lucky enough to develop technical and commercial experiences.

Most business books and resources ignore the Product. Everyone gives a good product for granted, hence the focus goes to sales, strategy, management. I however know that the Product is?the most critical?part. It all starts from there!

For many years now I have been thinking about what is a good Product and how to make a business out of it. And I have no intention to stop.

By the way, I am an amateur photographer as well, visit my Flickr profile if you like street and travel photography.

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